George Zucco’s Fez

Ghost story writer Griffin Reed - the Dark Maestro - surrounded by horror icons. Featured characters include Barbara Steele, Orson Welles, HP Lovecraft, Peter Cushing, Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet, Children of the Damned, Werewolves of London, Vincent Price, Arthur Machen, Christopher Lee, Michael Redgrave in Dead of Night

Thursday – “An Evening of Terror” at the Mitchell Library: an appropriate setting, I thought, for the George Zucco fez I found at the St Andrews market. This was its first public appearance and will probably be its last: by the time I reached town, I’d been subjected to smirks, guffaws and a variety of passing remarks – some jocular, others irrationally irate (“Rag week arsehole!”)

Matters deteriorated as I approached Sauchiehall Street where I was targeted by a succession of drunks, the most persistent of whom followed me as far as Charing Cross, pointing out my idiocy to passers-by and sporadically pausing to perform what, I eventually realised, was his notion of an Egyptian sand dance.

Crossing the road to the Mitchell (and hoping my tormentor might be run-over in pursuit) I finally consigned the wretched fez to my bag where it remained for the rest of the night.


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