Ghost story author Griffin Reed surrounded by a Ouija Board, Rex cat and 1980's cultural icons. Featured characters include Smiley Culture, Genesis P. Orridge, Erkan Mustafa as Roland Browning from Grange Hill, Susan Tully from Grange Hill, Suggs from Madness, Keith Harris and Orville, TV Smith, Jilted John, Annie Lennox, Ian McCulloch from Echo and the Bunnymen

Wednesday – Calum Alexander joined me on the train home. He told a funny (if crude) story about a football pal who was surprised in an act of self-gratification by his girlfriend’s mother. Calum told the story well, but seemed oblivious, or indifferent, to the fact of being surrounded by potential eavesdroppers, at least one of whom regarded us with an expression of frank distaste. Later I realised that it was Mr Gibson, my dentist: I didn’t recognise him without his tunic – is it too much to hope that he might not have recognised me?

10.00 P.M. – Monica’s made me a tape of the Bad Seeds’ ‘From Her to Eternity’. I wonder if Nick Cave frets about offending his dentist.